RinseKit perfect for cleaning, bike, dogs, dog owners and campervans and motorhomes

RinseKit portable pressurised cleaning

If you, like us you base your outdoor adventures from a motorhome or campervan, this bit of kit will be a god send! We enjoy trail running with the dogs, mountain biking and hill walking, these all usually involve mud! If you know the agony of attempting to clean mud-caked bikes or dogs with a damp microfibre cloth, the RinseKit may well be for you.

We wild camp a lot and often have no access to running water, let alone a pressurised hosepipe. Rinsekit  is a compact unit that allows you to rinse, wash and blast the days dirt, mud or sand away with pressurised cold or warm water.

RinseKit - prefect for motorhomes and campervans whilst wild camping

RinseKit – Perfect For Your Campervan

Easy to Fill, Rinsekit holds two gallons of hot or cold water and fills in less than 30 seconds from a standard hose connector or home sink. It has been designed to not only easily fill, but drain water quickly. In addition RinseKit also self-cleans every time you fill it with water.

The sprayer nozzle offers seven different settings and the hose is 6′ long. The plastic lid detaches and turns into a pad to stand or sit on while cleaning sandy or dirty feet. The lid also has inch markers for measuring fish and can be used as a cutting board. RinsKit has a storage area to keep wet bathing suits, sun tan lotion and other items for easy access.

RinseKit perfect for cleaning your dog before they go back in your campervan or motorhome

Rinsekit sprays water with the same pressure as a garden hose and will hold that pressure for one month. It does not require a pump to create this pressure, like other portable showers. Rinsekit doesn’t require any batteries to create the pressure. When filled, the 2 gallon pressure chamber fills with 65 psi of water pressure, which is the standard home pressure, in 20 seconds, and will maintain this pressure for 2-3 minutes.

Each RinseKit is BPA Free so it is safe to drink from. There are also no moving parts to break or wear down. As an example, its durable materials withstood an instance where RinseKit parked and SUV on the unit without any damage. The plastic is made from virgin PE and has only two small stainless steel parts so there is no corrosion – See more here

RinseKit Review and Offers

RinseKit on paper looks like it could be a contender for C&M Product of the Year. I hope to get my hands on a unit soon and bring you a full review. RinseKit retails at £85, there is currently a 15% discount promotion for Caravan & Motorhome members, if your a member login to see here

All girls look this good once they showered with RinseKit

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