5 ways to reduce your motorhome or campervan insurance

5 Ways to reduce your motorhome insurance

If you’re the proud owner of a motorhome or campervan and you live in the UK, it’s essential to insure your vehicle. It’s also well worth having, if your motorhome gets damaged or stolen the costs involved in repairing or replacing it could be extremely high.
Motorhome insurance can be expensive, so it’s important to shop around for a good deal. It’s also worth knowing that there are many ways to cut the cost of your motorhome insurance.

full motorhome insurance cover for less

When looking to reduce insurance premiums, many motorists will initially consider reducing the level of cover or opt for a high voluntary excess. However, you could also get a discounted rate simply by making a few changes to your vehicle. You may already qualify for a discount just by notifying your insurer of some additional details.

Here are five ways in which you could reduce your UK motorhome insurance premiums.

Keep your mileage low

The fewer miles you drive in your motorhome, the less chance there is that you will be involved in accident. Therefore, some UK motorhome insurance policy providers offer discounts to drivers who don’t drive their motorhomes very far.
Whether or not you will qualify for a discount will depend on your motorhome’s average annual mileage. Different providers set different limits. Check the details of any policy you’re considering to see whether or not you could qualify for a low mileage discount.

Motorhomes and campervans securely stored in gated driveways nad garages will reduce your insurance premium

Store your motorhome securely

If you store your motorhome securely, there is less risk of it being stolen or vandalised. As a result of this, some UK motorhome insurers will offer a discount. Motorhomes kept in a garage or outbuilding or behind locked gates should qualify you for a discount. Also tell your insurer if you have installed a CCTV system with a camera covering your motorhome.

Fit security and driver safety devices to your motorhome

By adding safety and security devices to your motorhome, you can minimise the chances that you will need to make a claim. As a result, some insurers will be prepared to offer you a discounted rate.
Check the details of any policy that you are considering taking out to see if you could get a discount for fitting devices. Alarms, tracking systems, parking sensors or reversing cameras could reduce your motorhome insurance premium. If you install a safety or security device make sure you tell your insurer about it, you may be able to get a discounted rate in future.

Let your insurance know that you’re a member of a club

Some motorhome insurance providers offer discounted rates to members of recognised motorhome owners clubs. If you are a member of such a club, check to see if any insurance provider that you’re considering taking out cover with will offer you a club members’ discount.
Should you already have a motorhome insurance policy, check to see whether you’re receiving a discount in respect of your club membership. If you are not, contact your provider to find out whether such a discount is available.

Tell your insurance about your previous motorhome driving experience

Experience can count when it comes to cutting the cost of your motorhome insurance. Some insurers consider more experienced motorhome drivers to be at less risk of having accidents than novice motorhome drivers and will offer you a discount if you meet certain criteria.
If you have driven a motorhome for a long time, check with any provider that you are considering taking out a policy with to see if you can get a discount based on your experience.
By following these simple steps, you could get your motorhome insurance for less, leaving you more cash to spend while you’re on your travels.

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