storage with services cupboard of a campervan or motorhome

Quick Tip – Storage – Services Cupboards

Open bottomed cupboards that are normally built over wheel arches needn’t only be used to hang coats. These useful storage areas are often used to accommodate gas bottles and water containers in smaller campervans. Our ‘over arch’ cupboard has a wardrobe pole fitted, we put it to good use to hang our coats. However, a down jacket and waterproof shell each only takes up a quarter of the pole length which leaves this cupboard three quarters empty.

Over arch cabinets also often contain electrical kit. Ours houses the 230v mains supply in to the van, fuse spur, consumer unit and battery charger. There’s a boxed ledge within the cupboard to conceal the wiring.  This boxing ledge can be put to good use for additional storage. If you have a partially used cabinet without a boxed ledge, one can be easily formed with softwood battening or plywood.

Additional Storage

With the addition of some fixing points and a bungee strap we’ve found this ledge perfect for storage of any kit that folds flat. The ledge top supports the kit and the bungee strap and fixing points secures without rattles. We store a couple of fold flat deck chairs in ours and still have room for more hanging clothes as well as our coats.


storage for motorhome and campervan services cupboards

I find guy line runners are a good low profile point for fixing metal hook ended bungees, see here. Other eyelets will work just as well but may protrude more.

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