coffee without the mess for your campervan

Motorhome larder – Taylors easy coffee bags

You can grab a really good quality coffee on almost every city street these days. We’ve all become coffee connoisseurs and most households own a machine, percolator or cafetiere for our posh coffee. Trouble is, as convenient as they are, your Nescafe granules just don’t cut it anymore.

Should you not want the mess of ground coffee in your van or like me this weekend you just forgot your cafetiere these coffee bags from Taylors make for a good cup. They’re individually wrapped bags that are available in a range of strengths rated up to strength 7. I tried strength 4 and it was a little weak for me but then I do like my coffee strong. I found the trick is to ignore the packaging and leave to brew for over 5 minutes.

Available at most supermarkets costing around £2.30 for 10 bags.

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